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bumper led "accent" light upgrade?

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I like the fact that Scion put the housing for these "accent" lights on the lower outside bumper.

But, I would like much more light output, more like a fog light, or much brighter LED's, like maybe 6in led bars, like offroad vehicles use.

Does anyone have any knowledge to do this, or if there are plug and play bulbs?

Maybe someone did HID conversions?

Im coming from a vehicle with HID's in my fogs, and I'd like to use these light housings, instead of dropping the coin for the Scion fogs, and getting bent over at the stealership

Any input would be appreciated

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Before replacing them with too bright of a light or fog lights consider this:
Sicon put them there as an accent light to go along with daytime running lights.
should you want to replace them with brighter "accent lights" in the same location I think that would be cool too. But if you replace them with fog lights made for high intensity lumin displacement you may run into trouble with your local law enforcement and cause others vision at night to be hindered. I would run seperate fog lights in a didderent location and increse the "accent" led's with slightly brigter ones. i.m.o.
My 2013 at dawn.
I have a lifted 2500hd with HIDs in the headlights and fogs. Roll with them on BLAST from sundown to sunup

However, I keep it classy. I adjusted them @100yds out with a spotter, so no artificial sunrise for oncoming traffic. I would do the same with any put on the xb.

Thanks for all the input so far. you people are awesome:cheers:
I'd get OEM-style fogs from eBay, and an OEM foglight switch for ~$50 for plug and play. I'd keep the DRL LED lights at they are.

Got to be careful about quality from eBay however... some of those "OEM style" foglight kits are too cheaply made.

Do you happen to know what bulb those roll with? Can HID's be put in them?

Lamp Replacement Guide View All Bulbs

Sylvania doesn't even list the Xb2 as having fogs :confused:
Has anyone put HID's in the oem fogs?

How are they holding up...the fog lenses?
1 - 4 of 12 Posts
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