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Burning/Leaking Oil ?

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Hello Guys.

I just wanna post on my recent problems with my xb.
I noticed that as soon as i get the oil changed the car the very next day has 2 quarts missing. My guess now that its either burning or leaking.. I should also point out that before all of these problems happen the car has been fine.

I did a google search on the problem and was surprised that other scion xb owned for the year 2008 have the same problem and is rumored to have a recall for toyota's for this same problem with the same engine. Not scion.

I called scion to make a report of it and made a appointment with my dealer on why this is happening.. I'm not happy..
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I believe the TSB, not a RECALL now includes 08/09 xB's. Who did the oil change? Maybe they didn't fill the engine full of oil. That's a lot of oil used for only 1 day, even for a Scion!
My dealer has the "for life " program so I get free oil changes. Before they give me back the xB, the writer checks the oil level them selves to make sure the it is correct. Appearently they've had problems with levels not being upto spec. My '09 has had no problems with oil so far.
my 09 and my 2010 xB never had any issues with oil consumption.

2 quarts is a lot, you would have smelled that burning off over the coarse of a few days and you would have also noticed a puddle of oil under your car if it was leaking.
Here the deal.. I had the brakes done by a different Mechanic and he noticed it and put in 1 quart.. From then on its running odd and losing power.. There is no oil burnt smell or puddles underneath. I'm taking it in today to see why this is happening.. I have 108k on it and drive the heck out of the car.. i was hoping it to last
Ok. so the dealer has me do a 1200 mile lets see if your car is burning/leaking oil thing.. so I will keep y'all up todate
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