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Bushwacker Bumper Protector

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I decided to break down and try this after a fellow NSXB member said to try it over those skinny pvc ones. This one is full rubber so it should add some nice protection (Haha get it :rofl:)

I got in from my local scion deal for about $80 they always do free nextday shipping so Ill have and install it tomorrow and post some pics. I also have some new mods Ill be showing off soon to!
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I have the same style. Works great.

You can also purchase on eBay:

I got mine in three days.
Doh! I looked on ebay for that same thing but couldnt find it even though I typed in XB bumper protector. Did yours install with 3 MM tape? Hows the fitment? Does it come up or is it pretty well stuck on there?
I installed it over a year ago. Fitment is great. It does install with 3M tape and it is as secure as day one. Great product!
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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