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c-pillar speakers.

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this is what i did today. they arent in yet tho. i will have final pics by next weekennd.

im the first for diamond plate! no copiers.
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Cool start and I'd love to get the dimensions off you so I can start on a couple c-pillar projects. Can't get in to the diamond plate though, just never could get past it looking like something on a *******'s pick-up. To each their own though, not hating on your style.
haha. im half *******. so idc. but i have no dimensions. im sorry i just made the templates
I've already got some "diamond plate" and a partly done C-pillar plate (no speaker). I'm putting a Coca-Cola bottle opener and vinatge/retro Toyota logo on it (passenger side only).
It got on the back burner . . .
But will be finished in the near future, when I get time.
Oh, and I like the speakers on there.
i was the first for orange C pillars...i claim no copyrights :)
looks good, original. what kind of speakers are they?
Looks good, I've wanted to do this with some Kicker KS 600s I have, How did you attach the Diamond plate to the cubbyhole?
all of my pillars are orange. not just the c pillars. and they are 6 inch pioneer somethings. i forgot. and im puttin them up there with screws. they arent up yet that was just like a pre pic. they should be up tomarrow. i can wire them into my rear door speakers without fryin my shizz right?
you'll be fine, as long as you don't mess up the Ohm rating or whatever. I wired mine up like this:
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all of my pillars are orange. not just the c pillars.

as were mine...i love seeing pictures of your box as it makes me nostalgic for my 08.
finished pictures! all wired up and mounted. soundin good.

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Looks nice. Going to have diamond plate anywhere else?
maybe. not too sure. its kinda a pain to cut and all so we will see.
Nice job acgxb! Hope they sound as good as they look. How did you attach the diamond plate to the pillar without screws showing?
there are screws showing they are stainless steel hex head screws. they look good though.
Looks good. How long did it take to remove all the inter. panels and was it hard to do? What I want to do is add some lighting to the cargo area, and I think I'll need to place the wires behind the panels. Any thoughts?
just pull. dont just rip them off. but if you just tug on them they pop off. once you get goin youll be like oh shizz thats easy. after doing it a few times i could probably strip the car in like 10 minutes.
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