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CAI for 2012 Xb

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Hi all, I just got a new 2012 Xb and while I don't plan for extensive modding I do think a CAI is in order.

Here's what I found, any thoughts?

Injen Cold Air Intake: Scion tC 2011 +

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A well designed CAI or "ram air" is a small-level forced induction, as the "force" more air into the intake manifold than it would "suck-in" on it's own. The force isn't great, but it is more than "normal." They are really only "forced" is they are designed in a way that air pressure is raised somehow by the forward momentum of the vehicle and then the air is shoved into the intake manifold.
The TRD one supposedly has a ram-air effect in its design. Some "short ram intakes" do as well, but many are just called that when they are actually just short-intakes w/ no real ram-effect.
IF designed right, CAI and SRI CAN have a limited forced induction capability. Still, they are much less than systems designed to be fully forced-induction from the start.

What most people think of when they hear/read "forced induction" is superchargers or turbos. Those 2 types force in tremendously more air than the system would suck-up normally. Both use compressors to compress and shove air into the intake manifold. Superchargers have the compressor spun on a belt-driven pulley that is connected to engine flywheel. The amount of spin is based on pulley sizes and ratios to each other. Turbos have what is basically a windmill in the exhaust manifold that spins the compressor. As for which is "better" depends on intent, design, and application. They are both great, just different.
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