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CAI.... Just the CAI

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I'm planning on getting either the TRD CAI or TRD short-shifter with any Christmas funds that may be coming my way. I'm aware there are other brands, but at the moment i've got a sibling working in the service department of my local Toyota dealership who has told me he will slap on anything TRD I bring in for next to nothing.

My question: I'm not planning on getting exhaust or headers anytime soon. Will having just a CAI sound like total crap without the upgraded exhaust system (at idle or accelerating)?

I had an '04 Spec-V previously and I loved the sound the CAI made. Both when you first hit the gas and then at WOT. I then got my catback and drove around for a week backfiring occasionally until my headers arrived. After that the car was just loud (but fun).

I remember hearing about people talking on forums about certain cars exhaust sounding like a swarm of angry bees when the right flow didn't exist. I don't remember that being an issue with the CAI on my Spec-V, but I definitely don't want that. Anyone who has just a CAI (TRD or otherwise) with no catback/headers have an opinion one way or another?


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I have just the TRD CAI for almost two years now and I still love it.:cheers:
Research the TRD Quickshifter! Many decide they don't like it because it makes the shifting much more notchy. Also, the 2011 onward TRD CAI is different from the previous years and opinions vary. Still, I personally don't see a problem with it -- a sizable improvement over stock :)!
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