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Just look at the colors they offer! A younger buyer wants some flashy colors, not white, silver, black, pastel blue, etc. How about some bright greens or yellows to stand out and get your attention.
I totally agree in the beginning I feel scions where inexpensive cars made for the younger generation to buy and have fun with. What was an xb when they first came out 13000 Brand new? Kids parents or younger adults could afford it. It was definitely something not many older people wanted. The tc was a bargain for a sports car as well and it still is rather cheap for what you get compared to other cars but th price has gone up quite a bit. Now let's check out the IQ I think it's a cool little funky car but when I go to the dealership and see a 16-17 thousand dollar price tag I scratch my head. Seems to high for me. Scion was about affordability for the younger age. I look for the younger age. What you said about colors is right. I loved the xb first gen. The release were awesome. It took mr quite some time to accept the 2nd gen n fall n love. N to commit to buying one all it took was me to see the first add of that bright off the wall color with a nice body kit and some great looking rims. I was researching them after I saw the rs 8.0 and a week or two later I had one in my driveway. Anyway I think scion has changed dramatically as a car company and once they became hot n started selling a lot of cars. It was time for them to jack up prices and make the cars looks reach out to more than just the younger generation. And to me that was a big mistake.
1 - 1 of 48 Posts
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