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Did any of you guys read the article by aaron Robinsson about our Scions ? Not very pretty :mad: Page 30...
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What's killing the sales of the Scion Name is the "Pure Price" BS!

If I could have bought a Toyota X-cab truck with a 4 cyl. & 5 speed manual I would have ordered one. I was going to order a Nissan Frontier king cab but Nissan couldn't give me a build date for a truck with a manual transmission. So I bought the xB with a 5 speed manual. I can carry my MTB's (with a Raxter bike rack, don't buy this rack because they only sale at full retail also!:mad:) our kids (two dogs) and trips to CostCo.

I took my xB to a exhaust builder he really like to buy one for his little girl but he said he couldn't buy one for less then retail so he bought her another brand of auto. He said he wouldn't pay full retail for any car! To tell the truth I can't blame him!

Yea, I got $1,100 of full retail but the dealership added $499 in dealer DOC fees. One dealership tried to tack on $399 for window tint (for two windows) and $599 for some junk alarm system!! $500 for doing 15 min. of paper work. That's f-ing BS! I pray Scion goes under! The xB will still have to be covered by Toyota.

1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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