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Did any of you guys read the article by aaron Robinsson about our Scions ? Not very pretty :mad: Page 30...
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I call BS on pure price, you have to play the game with the saleman and his "manager" just like you do when buying any car. My XB was stickered at 22,500 with all the options it had on it (everything except it was a manual). I played the game and walked away from the saleman, made it to my car when I heard my name being called from the front door. I turned and he offered a new price for the final offer he said. I walked away with my Scion XB stickered at 22,500 for 16,900 and they paid the taxes, tags, and title.
Absolutely GREAT points all the way around ScottRods! And you are 100% right about the family, it was a complete bonus we (the wife and I) never expected as well.
1 - 2 of 48 Posts
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