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I have the mud flaps, scion doesn't make them for some reason. The ones that I got off of eBay are fairly hard and rather small and stubby. When the box came, I thought they screwed me by selling me only 2 rather then all 4, but all 4 were intact in the tiny box. Small car small flaps, makes sense. I think the antenna would come off before these guys, besides they are so low to the ground, doubt there will be much rotational action down there!

erick182 said:
Hey guys and gals, I'm interested in getting the mud flaps/guards for my super white but was wondering if they are automatic car wash friendly? Are they so low that I will have problems with the wheel railing at the car wash or will they possibly get damaged? I live in new york city and don't really have the option of washing the car myself. I'm forced to go to a car wash.

Thanks in advance.
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