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Strange thing. I noticed the spec pamphlet and website for the 2012 Scion xB quote the seats-up cargo capacity as only 11.6 cubic feet.

And I thought, What? That can't be right. It must be a typo. That's smaller than the 21.6 quoted for the regular Prius. While the xB's max cargo space is consistently quoted as 69.9 or 70 cubic feet in reviews, a lot of reviews quote the 11.6 number, and a couple criticize it.

The updated Edmunds review--based on a review of the 2008 model, I believe--does quote the seats-up volume as "21 cubic feet."

So, not that it makes much difference now that our esteemed box is going the way of the Celica, but what gives! Why the vast, unchecked error in the official specs? Could Toyota be padding down the numbers of the car for some arcane fleet MPG benefit?
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