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As most know, I run a Yakima Basketcase inset between the Yakima round bars on B. That is my "normal" basket that I run day-to-day. It's great for just tossing stuff on when running around and don't want to put it inside.

Now, I am looking to get a bigger basket for carrying larger stuff and when traveling.

I was thinking about:
Yakima Loadwarrior with extension.
Yakima Megawarrior with or without extension
Curt cargo basket with extension
----- (I like the price on the Curt with extension-> less than the Loadwarrior w/o extension)

The Curt and Loadwarrior are about the same size and, according to reviews for the Curt, similar quality.

Any experience/recommendations on these?
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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