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Hey new member here.

I didn't see anyone posting about the cargo liner that is offered, so I thought I would.

I have a 100 pound dog. When I let him jump up into the hatch area, he invariably catches his claws on the rear bumper. No scratches yet but it would only be so long until it happens.

Also, I have been wanting to fold down the rear seat so he'd have more room to roam in the back. But if you look at the back of the seats you know a dog's claws will tear that up in no time.

Then I saw the cargo liner that Scion offers: PT248-52080

I just got it today and installed it. Took maybe five minutes to put it. It has covers the back of the rear seats and has a split so you can fold down one, the other, or both. It covers the hatch floor and also has a flap that can fold out to cover the bumper.

My dog can jump in and out now with no worries about the paint or the back seats.

For under $100 shipped, it does the job well and fits like a glove.

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