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Center Armrest from Civic

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It seems we all have issue w/ the center armrest being too small and too low... Someone has found a solution that's worked for them - an armrest from a Honda Civic. Apparently it can flip up and allow access to the cup holders and the stock armrest/console. Although, it's not something I would put in my xB, it does give me some ideas ;)

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Wow! That's an armrest I made. That's a brand 2002-2005 Civic SI armrest. I am considering making one for the xB2 driver seat to replace the small factory unit. Any interest?
Definitely, as long as it's not in that location (I know it won't be) ;)
Zeta is in talks with their Production Dept to see if it would be advantagious to Make a 2008 armrest DRIVER side :D :D
I was a little surprised that it wouldn't have optional storage like their other armrests for the 1st gen xB and the xA did... I didn't notice, until Angelo explained, that there simply wouldn't be enough room. The only other alternative would be to remove/replace the existing bottom center console storage, which I would imagine would be much more costly.

I'm eagerly awaiting Zeta's decision :D
I am awaiting this decision but only if My local custom shop is unable to fab a new one themselves. THey have swing down arm rest and are workin on redoing it. First run looked shoddy and not well constructed. Tehy Sub-contracted it to another company and did not like the way it looke d when it came back to them, so..... we wait more. My first gen did not have one so I do not miss it too much. Just whenI slip Drive into Neutral while driving. I use my shifter for Armrest :eek: :eek:
Any word from Zeta yet???
I'd definitely be interested in this... something that makes the configuration a little less like a van... ideally it would be nice to have something that ran from the stock center console to the shifter
THis is my solution albe it not a cheap one a good one :eek: ;)

Probably gonna do a vinyl top for scratch resistance though but otherwise......
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What is that from? I can't wait to see the finished product! :D

That's what needs to happen... a center console replacement, not another armrest, especially one that would take away the existing console.
that is lookin' pretty nice there rswscion08!

i hope that is not the final color though :rolleyes:
I see you had to remove the driver's armrest to squeeze that contraption in there.

What a hideous color :) Looks like something out of an old Chevy.

PLEASE give us a how-to...
Except for the color, thats pretty damn cool. It almost looks like it could be factory.
Eric said:
It seems we all have issue w/ the center armrest being too small and too low...
This is one thing I am not happy with in the xB. The armrest is to low and the window is to high for me to rest my arm there. It is like on either side it is not convenient or comfortable to rest my arms while I am driving. Of course I have adjusted the way I drive in the xB. But that is one thing I don't care for.
The armrest is perfect for me. I rest my arm on it and my hand on the shift knob. I'm 5'4''
I'm 5' 4 3/4" and the armrest works fine for me as well. Us short people count the 1/4 inches...
im 6 feet tall and i have no problem with the armrest other than the fact i think i might break it off one day if i lean too hard into it lol
I think more of my problem is that I am still not used to it. Mainly having an armrest in the car. My other car is a Toyota Tercel and no arm rests. And I don't even think I have flipped it down. Maybe I ought to try that before I open my pie hole about it........ :rofl:

OK well I don't eat much pie so let me say I should try it before I open my Drakes Coffee Cake hole about it..... :lol:
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