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With the main unit switched on after pressing the Power button, once the key is turned from the ACC position to the off position and back to ACC again, "SCION" is displayed on the Opening Screen. Users can edit the text themselves to make another Opening Screen as an alternate to the default "SCION" display. Up to a maximum of 16 characters can be displayed.

The SETUP MENU will be displayed when MENU is held down while the power is in "OFF" position. Turn the MULTI SELECTOR to select the O.TTL (Opening Title). You can enter the character at the flashing cursor position. The character selection method is described below.

1. Enter the character to PRESET1-3 and 6. Press the MULTI SELECTOR up or down to select the character, and press the MULTI SELECTOR right or left to move the cursor.
PRESET1: Alphabet input (A-Z, a-z) Press the PRESET1 to switch the alphabet to upper case or lower case.
PRESET2: Number, symbol (!"#etc.)
PRESET3: Space, Deletion
PRESET6: Katakana input (Katakana is a type of Japanese character.) Press the PRESET6 to switch the katakana to upper case or lower case.

2. After selecting the character, press the MULTI SELECTOR right. The cursor moves to the right, so you can edit the next character. (Maximum number of characters is 16.) To choose and delete the character or text, choose the character with the cursor and then press the PRESET3 to delete.

3. After character entry, press the MULTI SELECTOR in the center to register the text string. If the cursor is positioned on the 16th character, press the MULTI SELECTOR to the right to register the whole text entered.

4. After the entry is completed, turn the MULTI SELECTOR to select OPEN. The selected text string is registered as the Opening Screen. The customize mode ends and the registered text string is displayed for 6 sec.

The next time the ACC is switched on, the text edited by the user will be displayed.
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