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Check them Plugs

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I had been planning to do this for quite some time now, but kept putting it off until today. I have about 72k miles on the xB now and wondered what kind of shape the sparkplugs were in. My concern was possible galling of threads........ having never been removed.
So, i pulled the cover and started to take the plugs out. The first one had some 'screech' to it when I tried to back it out, but it broke free after about 1/2 turn and out she came. All the others were exactly that same way...... sounded like they didn't want to come out, but did with no threads pulled. Whew....
A quick look at each plug....they all looked very clean, nice white, clean metal, no carbon deposits, nothing. Gaps were between .40 and .35 and all electrodes looked completely solid. Plugs are Denso.
I coated the plug threads with Neverseize to ease my mind about future thread lock and put them back in just as they were. They should be good for another 70k.
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Aren't these plugs iridiums? I was told they should last 100K easy.
Yeah , its not a concern about plugs working correctly for that period of time, its about being able to get them out if you wait 100K to try to remove them.
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