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Chrome Door Handles

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From what I understand these are OEM door handles from Japan, not available in the US... I don't think there's a web site to order 'em from, but I wanted to know what you thought... would you rock these?

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OK I must be really bad at finding parts (lol I really am) becasue I cant find those Lexus ES330 doorhandles just the covers. Eric or 808 you seem to know where they are can you help me. Or anyone eles a link would be nice. Im just looking for chrome doorhandles but NOT chrome door handle covers that you stick on with tape.
I personally have only been able to find the door handle covers. I have found them on ebay.
callmemrbill said:
I personally have only been able to find the door handle covers. I have found them on ebay.
You'll have to go to the dealer, I'm sure. I got my keyhole replacement part from the dealer. It was inexpensive (like $13...), but since these are chrome and it's going to be the entire thing, they'll probably cost a bit more.
ok guy.. one of my guys did the research to get his OEM chrome Door handles.. these are the real things..

here are the part number..

69210-12260 Door Handle Outer Qty. 4

69227-12080 Cap Rear Door Handle Qty. 2

69217-33030 Cap Front Door Handle (No Keyhole) Qty. 2

I don't have the part number for the front door handle cap with the key hole in it. But you can use this application to get one.
2007 Toyota Highlander with the Touring Package option.
2005 Lexus ES330.
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Sorry to bump this, but anyone know where I can snag these at now? I googled XB chrome handles and found this thread.


I also have (or am getting) a Black XB, and I think the chrome handles compliment it very nicely.
Yep, eBay 2001-2010 Toyota+Scion Chrome 4 DR Door Handle Cover | eBay

I wouldn't waste my time or money with the complete JDM handle assembly thing that cost a fortune.
Hmm. I was looking for actual OEM handles, not the trims.
I would love to buy your black handles from you if you wish to sell.
Anyone know if the chrome handles has an effect on my keyless remote entry system?
why wouldnt they? i cant see them blocked at work. just a handle, no electrics going to the handle
The chrome handles with the carbon fiber inlays would look great on my son's BCM '08 although I would prefer them painted BCM/CF Inlay versus the chrome.

those were the ones i was talking about, i almost want them with my black . oyyyy i need a minute alone
somebody buy em and sell me a black set...hurry along now.:cheers:
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