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I'm thinking of getting a set of Clazzio seat covers from Sparks. I'm wondering what the various colour combos look like together. Others would probably think the same too. So . . .
If you have a set . . .
Post up.
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Re: Gray on Black with Red Stitching (Vinyl)

hbgti said:

I also have the all gray leather on my wife's civic. They look identical (e.g. perforated center panels), however the vinyl feels softer overall. The leather seats are only leather in the center panel, vinyl on sides/backs.
That is one of the exact combos I'm thinking. Is that the "Gray" or the "Light Gray" shade? I'm also thinking solid gray or light gray w/ red stitching, or a 2-tone gray (light insert on gray) w/ red. All in vinyl, so as to be on the cheaper end.
Buy used . . .
You get them faster.
1 - 3 of 81 Posts
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