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I'm thinking of getting a set of Clazzio seat covers from Sparks. I'm wondering what the various colour combos look like together. Others would probably think the same too. So . . .
If you have a set . . .
Post up.
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you can order clazzio material seperatly? i.e. for door panels and such?

I did this yesterday. Just email spencer at beangarage and he will hook you up. It is $30 shipped for 1 sq meter. He says that will be all I need to do the door panels. Best part it is in stock. I should getz mine tuesday or wednesday. To DO List!!!
Still semi patiently waiting for mine to arrive......
There was a small glitch in my order. :( They don't actually have the color I wanted in stock... So... You guys that actually ordered custom, how long was the wait really? They say 8-10 weeks, but I want to know if in reality it's more or less than that. I REALLY DON"T want to wait that long! And I don't want to go all black.
Expect every bit of the 8-10 weeks. I ordered mine March 17th and they are still 3-4 weeks away according to Spencer at Beangarage.
Totally agree!
Since March 17th.... Still waiting
Mine are due to arrive this Friday. Shipped today!! Can't wait.....
I couldnt wait any longer. I went to UPS and picked mine up this morning at 7 am. i finished the front while my son was napping. Black/Grey/Blue Stitching.
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Thanks!! I am really happy with the way the look.
Had some time yesterday to take more pics of mine. I notice that the pictures really dont show just how black the material really is. These covers are unbelievably nice. I couldnt be happier with the results!

Comparison pic

Fully installed

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1 - 9 of 81 Posts
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