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I'm thinking of getting a set of Clazzio seat covers from Sparks. I'm wondering what the various colour combos look like together. Others would probably think the same too. So . . .
If you have a set . . .
Post up.
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once I get mine... which should be in the next few weeks, I will post pics on and off the car.
thanks for the update! i will post up pictures of mine when they come in next year...:p
Installed my clazzios today. Full pvc black outer, gray inner gray stiching. It was kind of a pain in the a**.


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I installed mine yesterday. Started at 4PM, finished round about 9:30PM. But I took my time, had a sip of coffee after each piece installed and made a few modifications to my liking.
Hey guys, glad you like your seat covers. I know i did when i got mine in the mail and installed them. but here's a question, what did you guys do with the excess piece that hangs from behind the front seats? they have the elastic strap but the instructions dont even mention what to do with them or what to strap them to. i found whatever would hold the strap and left it there but sometimes it comes off and just hangs under my seat:help::help::help::help:
There are some little metal hooks that come attached to the box with tape. There's no mention of them in the instructions. But, I used 4, one for each elastic strap and hooked each strap on to hardware under the seats.

Alternatively, you can feed the strap in and around one of the seat cushion supports and feed the tip back to the plastic buckle for the webbing straps. Hook the strap to one of these webbing strap and your' golden.
Are the calzzio's more comfortable than the stock seats?
Do they help with lumbar support at all?

Ordered mine last week!

Got full PVC (as I use my box as a daily work vehicle too)...

I actually went Black inner, Gray outer, and red stitching - wanted to be a little different...

Waiting is the hardest part!
how long is the wait? is your set custom and coming from Japan?
Ive been waitint since March 25th(day I placed the order) for mine. Still not here yet...
Since March 17th.... Still waiting
Mine are due to arrive this Friday. Shipped today!! Can't wait.....
I couldnt wait any longer. I went to UPS and picked mine up this morning at 7 am. i finished the front while my son was napping. Black/Grey/Blue Stitching.
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i ordered the ones with the diamond pattern in the middle. black with all orange stitching just yesterday. now the wait........
Thanks!! I am really happy with the way the look.
Im getting mine delivered on wednesday!
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