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So I just bought the 2011 tc wheels, while I wait for delivery, I'm not sure as to what color I'm going to powdercoat them. My box is classic silver, I was thinking black or white. The windows are blacked out and I have the seamless visors, so black seems like the right option, but I just want some suggestions please! And pics if you have them.

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A black or charcoal would look great. Here is my silver w/ black rims and polished lip:

The good thing about silver is that about anything goes w/ it.
Several "classic" silver based color schemes:
Orange, silver, and charcoal
Red, black, and silver
Blue and silver (see Red Bull cans for example)
Yellow, grays, and silver (see "classic" Dyson or Shell Oil for an example)
Green, gray (and/or black), and silver (REALLY popular right now)
"Cold" grays, black, and silver (no accent hue)

Overall, pick a primary color and run w/ it.
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