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Connecting the backup camera to a Pioneer Deck?

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Hi all, I recently got the Pioneer AppRadio 3 DA-210 deck for me 2008XB. Now I wonder how to hook up the backup camera.

I already bought the camera that will goes to replace one of the plate lights.

But where do I get the backup signal to tell the deck to switch to the camera when I shift to reverse?

I did a search can't find anything.

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The power from the backup lights will go to a relay located somewhere in the rear, close to where you want to put the camera, with another permanent power (I used a 12g wire from the battery) also attached to the relay to provide the power. You may be able to just get away with the wire from the reverse lights too.

The deck should have a wire that you also connect the camera that will sense that it is on, and change your screen to the camera.

In my 2500 HD, I used a switch to switch back and from from the reverse camera and video, as I couldn't see smaller cars behind me while driving. they would disappear behind my tailgate. The camera would show me if anything was there while driving.

hope this helps
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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