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Connecting the backup camera to a Pioneer Deck?

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Hi all, I recently got the Pioneer AppRadio 3 DA-210 deck for me 2008XB. Now I wonder how to hook up the backup camera.

I already bought the camera that will goes to replace one of the plate lights.

But where do I get the backup signal to tell the deck to switch to the camera when I shift to reverse?

I did a search can't find anything.

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Thanks for the reply. So does our xB has a backup signal wire in the front area (near steering column?) that will let me connect to my deck's backup signal wire so my deck will switch to the backup view when I shift to reverse?

I am using a wireless transmitter for the camera so the deck won't able to sense whether or not the camera is on or off.

Bump ,

I just couldn't find that backup signal wire anywhere. argh, is it in the under the door sill? I don't see it anywhere in the center console. hmm..
Look for the green wire on that connector under the bottom left of the dash. Use a splice (as in the instructions) to run a REV wire to the back of the head unit. This is from the OEM NAV installation instructions, so basically do the bottom picture, then run it up to your head unit like in the top picture. This should work. Let me know if you have any problems and I can dig up another source if needed.

Aww... I can't thank you enough Paul!! I assume I am looking for the Red wire from the 30 pin Connector and then splice it and run that wire to my head unit to my REV signal input?
1 - 4 of 8 Posts
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