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Corolla Rumion Subwoofer

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Has anyone figured out the wiring for the rumion subwoofer?
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this is what i'm looking at on the rumion sub. i have the oem t-connector harness for the bazooka sub and the wires are labeled which is a plus. but the connector and wire colors matchup. i need to figure out how to get the sub and the tweeter to work with the sns.

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it seems to be a similar setup as the door speakers. the amp would just boost the lows and mids. would i need a crossover to make it work that way?

i assume the crossover is built into that amp. the tweeter has what seems to a resistor/capacitor on the input terminals; that could be the crossover.

if i used the RCAs, i would need a separate amp, right?

no one has a schematic pinout diagram of that sub connector?
thanks phobic. i'll pm the evilcalvin.
1 - 4 of 10 Posts
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