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Cruise Control

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I've been driving around with a generic aftermarket steering wheel for awhile, and I really miss my cruise control. I've been trying to figure out how to have the best of both worlds, but I can't seem to find the wiring harness diagram for the steering wheel. My plan was to mount a switch and a button to my driver side blanks to turn cruise control on/off and the button to make it hold speed. The feature of increasing and decreasing speed while in cruise control has no appeal to me, so does anybody have info on how I can accomplish this?
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More important question:

Why would you drive around with a generic aftermarket steering wheel? Airbags are kind of important...
Thug Lyfe..... i want a Grip Royal in my S10 just because
@paul I have a rather extensive story about airbags that I'd rather not get in to. Personally I don't care for them, and can take em or leave em. So with that being said, back to the matter at hand.
Well I've never been in a crash that had airbags deployed so I have no opinion. But I think I'd rather have one than not.
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