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Hey all! I've been in graphic design for quite a while now and I happen to love wrapping and playing around with vinyl. I've decided to take a leap of faith and invest in a vinyl cutter/plotter. So what does this mean for you guys? Custom cut vinyl at a low price! I'm not looking to make money off of you guys... just enough to pay for materials, maybe a small piece of the machine itself and maybe a beer or two :p

So let me break it down
-I use only high quality 3M materials (bought locally)
-you have 100% creative freedom as you can select from any color that 3M makes (pretty much anything)
-I give free design consultation
-I do all the work, If you find something you like but it's low resolution or you sketch something on a napkin, I have the programs and skills to input these designs into the computer.

Pricing will vary based on the type of vinyl used, complicity of design and obviously size. Send me your ideas and size needed and I'll give you a quote!
Prices of large quantity orders tend to be lower.

I do not intend on taking on more than I can properly handle so that means you will get great customer service and proper support.

Don't forget! I can make more than just "bumper stickers". My machine is large enough to handle pretty much any request, you can make small stickers for clubs, large car body overlays and even precision stencils for painting!

If you want to see some of the work I've done so far, PM me and i'll send you some examples... I've mostly just been going crazy on my 2008 xB.

Send me some requests! I'm getting excited just thinking of the awesome creative stuff you guys/gals will have me doing!

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maybe you could do stickers for the site? We used to have some, but things changed hands and now they aren't available. Might be a good thing to at least start out with and get a few people interested.
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