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Let's see here, first take out the gauge (you can see the DIY for that) and pop out the center vents ( just four pink clips ) and pop the facia board in front of the driver (some more clips). Remove your radio and unplug it as well. If you have Navi remove the antenna that's on the vent under the center part of the dash. Remove the A pillars by pulling them toward the dash, don't worry they will stop as Scion has added a new clip that you need to twist with a small pair of pliers and clock it out at a vertical angle (so I cut them):

Here's the two screws on either side of the radio that need to be gone:

And the one on top, driver's side of the gauge cluster:

Remove the glovebox and look up. There's a 12mm silver bolt holding the passenger side airbag, and the airbag is connected to the dash. The airbag wiring is yellow, gently remove the clip and unclip the wiring, DO NOT tug on the wires, but the connector is fine.

Then you can pull your dash out for whatever you'd like to do.
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