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Dave Chappelle

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Went to see Dave Chappelle last night (which was awesome) but noticed today that someone knicked me in the parking lot. Needless to say I think I'm gonna need a new front bumper. I'm feeling it's better that I go with an aftermarket bumper as Scion marks things up to an absurb amount. Anyway what are some cool looking and durable body kits for the b? I drive a 2011 xB
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Sorry to hear about that. People these days are douches
Yes we are . . .

(Warning, LOTS of bad language)

That has been RIPPED into many, many times- in EVERY Scion forum.

If anyone notices Scion owners using that term, esp the misspelled "doosh" . . . that is the very specific source.

Also, there are a number of responses and reedits. Like (ALSO BAD LANGUAGE!!!)

Now, back to your intended posts to try to find a new bumper.
How bad was the damage?
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Here is a cheap one. 2008 Scion XB Front Bumper

I don't know the guy though, so can't vouch for him.
Is a bumper the same as a body kit? (dumb question)
Is a bumper the same as a body kit? (dumb question)
Nope 2 different things

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2 ways:
Body kits that sit ON TOP of the bumpers.
Full-on, whole body length sets (BODY kits) vs. ones that are full replacements for only one part.

Unfortunately, there ARE precise meaning for the terms, but those are pretty much ignored by many people (inc. vendors and some manufacturers) who use them improperly.

What you are looking for is a "full replacement" bumper kit.
That is why I asked about the extent of the damage.
Is it only surface (basic shape still there, only "uglified"), were a stick-on one will still fit and cover the damage?
Is part pushed in? Which, would determine if a cover-up kit would do anything or if it is just too much
It FUBAR? If so, you WILL need a full replacement.
What is this classified as?
check this thread out it will show you what a lip kit looks like and a body kit looks like
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