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Dealer Service Department Seminar

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The dealer where I bought my xB had a seminar sponsered by the service department this evening. They had the owner of the dealership, Service Manager, Parts Manager, four technicians and two regional managers from Toyota there. They reviewed basic vehicle maintenance, answered questions, asked one of the attendees to volunteer their vehicle for a free oil change demo and you watched them do the job close up. Nothing performance oriented, but a good dialogue and you got to know the service people a little better. There were refreshments and goody bags (mostly Toyota stuff, but nothing Scion specific).

The event was Toyota corporate's idea...the dealer had never done anything like this in it's 16 year history. Although I didn't specifically ask, the impression was that with auto sales down, Toyota is promoting service. Worth going to if it comes to your local dealer.
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Added Bonus: Got a letter in the mail today thanking me for attending along with a free oil change offer.
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