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Dents in my roof !!

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Not long ago I noticed a small dent in my roof, well actually its not the roof it's the curved piece right above the doors before it flattens out to the roof. anyway, it was one small dent and I thought it was odd then but learned to live with it. then the other day myself and a co-worker noticed other ones on the other side of the car were apparent and I scratched my head wondering what this was from... now today, I noticed the original dent has increased in size and more indentations are forming along this panel on both sides of the car.
I was wondering if anyone else out here noticed these dents on their car and if it is something that scion knows about.
by the way this is happening on my 2011 RS 8.0 and I am pretty upset about it. I park very far from others, not under trees, wash this car at least once a week and baby the heck out of it.. now these dents are forming and I have nothing to do with it or know exactly how this is happening! Could it be stress dents?
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I tried taking pics but they dont show up, they are like small indentations. It was discussed here> Roof indentions, Welds showing thru? Not hail damage -
other people have noticed it too, it appears that is not that common though, unless people arent noticing it? I'm calling Scion today.
there is nothing above me where I park either at work or home, I dont park under trees to prevent dripping sap, squirrel nonsense and bird ****. there are no scratches where these indentations are either. I spoke with Scion and they want me to go to a dealership to have it evaluated. I have an appt next Monday with the service manager. I cant imagine what is causing this. no other dents on the roof , just on the curved sides, seems weird how some people are noticing them and others are not.
yeah the dents are on both sides in pretty much the same place within 4 inches or so..thats why I am thinking stress or what not. i cant imagine what else...
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