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Didn't see this thread!

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Like it says. I didn't see the introductions thread and accidentally posted in members pics. Anyways, my name is John from Miami, FL (Palmetto Bay area) and I have an 09' SW xB. I do what I can to her as I'm still recuperating from an accident on February 8th of 2008 that left me with Both wrists broken, both Left forearm bones broken, Right leg femur broken and a shattered pelvis. Not to mention a hell of a headache!

That the LUCKY side of what happens when a car hits you head-on while doing 90mph and your riding a crotch rocket!

Anyways, looks like a real good site and I will be updating my progress of the car as I go.
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Welcome. I saw your xB2 on the other thread. Looks good. What happened to the "Crotch Rocket". The only reaso I ask is I ride a 2000 HONDA CBR929.
I was a GSXR 750. I had just finished getting it chromed out and painted........what a waste!!!! You can still find the front half of the bike mixed in with the motor of the car and the other was piled onto a wood pallet!
That can't be good. Glad to have you here. Lots of real nice people. Lots of good ideas and some amazing cars.
I'm glad you are with us still and not a hood ornament. I'm an RC51 Pilot and was taken out by a drunk in '96 on my brand new Ducati 900CR less than 2 weeks after I got it. Hope you enjoy this site.
Welcome! :wave:
Good to have you hear. You definatly got off luck for that kinda accident. Glad your you ok. xB is looking good. I like the wheels. Been thinking about a set of those, just wasn't sure how they would look on the xB. So you may have to forgive me if I copy your wheels. :rofl:
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