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Different Tails

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Decided to do my tails last weekend, just a lil sumtin to make 'em different.....

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Different yes ! Might have to try a different variation on that ................
I was thinking about doing that, but with tint, and reversed, so the circles would be red, and the rest would be black, but I have already tinted my tails.
nice! i like it! what kind of rainguards are those that you have they look sick
to me they look like the avs seamless vent visor i was getting mixed reviews on line everyone was saying they look awsome but need to hadve 1/4 more flare because u dont get much air. What do you like them DarkTari
@ Aljay - Give it a shot, I'd like to see what you come up with...

@ Chrevis - That woulda looked Sick ! Especially if you're sportin Crush Blackcherry !

@ MenniFresh & ganderson8 - They are the AVS as ganderson08 said. I get plenty air flow from them so
personally I like 'em when I use them for that purpose but being honest, we
all have a/c & heat so I either have the windows down or up !!
I basically use them to vent the interior when I'm parked anyways. If they were
1/4" more away from the windows they wouldn't have that flush effect.
Thanks dude. Did you find a good deal on them? Cus I wanna pick me up a set
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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