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Back story: As the title suggests, I have a dim headlight as well as a dim daytime running light. The ones on the driver's side are fine. I have already checked all my fuses and they all are fine. I have also swapped the bulbs from the driver's side (the ones that seem to work) over to the passenger's side. They were still dim even though I know they work. My last resort was to check the grounds and clean them. Sure enough, there was a fair bit of rust. I cleaned up all the rust and sprayed some electrical contact cleaner.

After all this, the headlight and the DRL on the passenger side are STILL dim. I have checked all throughout these forums and several google searches. Still can't find a way to fix it. I've even thought it might possibly be the wiring harness, but I'm not too sure. I've almost given up and am just about ready to take it to the shop. This forum is my last resort. If any of you know any possibilities to fixing the issue or any troubleshooting, please feel free to reply. Thank you all in advance for your replies!
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