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I like the spray on rubbers. Super forgiving and nice for small color changes. I went ahead and badged my dips today and I'm pretty happy with how they turnt out. I'm going to re-do the back one though, the front came out better. I hit it with goo-gone citrus degreaser before I started, I love that stuff.

You guys know how I like pictures right?

I might try and mask or peel only the inside of the front to get the two-tone, but I like how it is for now. I also might try just filling in the S C I O N letters with a sharpie.

before: left // after: right

after: top // before: bottom :)

it's getting darker

thanks for viewing, please let me know of any pic requests or info about the spray dip, I done a research or two. :clown:
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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