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So I finally did this, it took me approximately 3 hours to compleate both mirrors. Tools used: 130 watt Soldering Gun, Solder, Desoldering Braid, a philips screwdriver, 2 flat head screwdrivers and 2 needlenose pliers (1 had electrical tape at the points to avoid damaging the circuit board and the other was to pull off the orange LED's).

1. I pulled off the cover for the mirror by the side on which my hand is at. Its gonna hurt a bit but you just use steady pressure and it comes right off. A loud snap sound is normal.

2. Using a philips screwdriver, take off the 3 screws that hold the LED housing.

3. Take off the clip by pressing the small clip and pulling the clip. (Can't find the correct word for that, sorry.)

4. Remove the black foam tape with some care, remove only the big piece, if a piece tears off just put it aside since it can be put back together.

5. I used 2 flat head screwdrivers to release the circuit board housing (black piece) from the LED housing.

6. Once the black piece comes out, you'll see the 3 LED's and circuit board, just flip over this piece and the circuit board just comes off.

7. Flip over the circuit board and you need to remove the white piece of plastice from behind the circuit board. I went ahead and bended those 2 terminals a little bit upward, then used a needlenose plier to take it out.

8. Now here comes the tricky and most time consuming part, to remove the Orange LED's. I bought my Blue LED's at a local Radio Shack for ~$2 each, the part number is 276-0023. First you gotta be sure how to install the new LED by comparing it to the LED which is already installed. Then you are gonna use the desoldering braid and the soldering gun to remove the old Solder. You are going to create a "sandwich" with these tools, Gun, Braid and old Solder. PATIENCE, you are going to need it. Here is when I used the pliers with electrical tape to hold the circuit board. Its going to be a little tricky at first, but then you'll get the hang of it. The last pic shows how the pin should look like when the solder is removed.

9. Once you;ve taken out all the LED's just install the new ones, I recommend you take 1 out and put 1 in. To make the Soledering look somewhat clean, I used the Soldering Gun and the Solder, its a little tricky but its way faster than a lower watt Soldering Iron. After a drop of Solder landed on the board, by using the heat from the gun I played around with it till it got to the pin. NOTE I never touched the board with the Soldering Gun, since it has a high watt output I had some fear of damaging the board.

10. After all the LED's were installed, just do the opposite of removal. Final Product should look a bit brighter than this pic. As a matter of fact it lights up the same color as the blue plcc-2 surface mount LED's for the cluster.

Hope this helps, any questions just reply. :D

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Great DIY! Welcome to the family :cheers:
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