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Do 2008 XB Clazzio Seats Covers fit a 2012 XB?

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Do 2008 Clazzio Seat Covers fit a 2012?

A new owner of a 2012 XB is interested in the Clazzio seat covers I've been selling the classifieds section. However, the person is asking me if the covers, which were on my 2008 fit a 2012.

Do you know if there are any shape differences between the 2008 seats and the 2012 seats? I suspect they are exactly the same apart from material changes.

I just want to make sure they will fit the 2012 before I go and ship them.
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I just want to say that kiteboarder is an outstanding gentleman, he could have easily sold me these without me knowing the difference but instead was very informative and even directed me on how to purchase new ones.

Good luck with the miata!
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