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Its really easy to install. All plug n play, I'd say the only "work" in installing is looking for a good place to mount the ballasts.

The ballasts are universal, lamps are not, for the xB: low beam lamps are: H11 high beam lamps are: 9005

Quoting from

"Here is how a xenon / hid system can help your vehicle:

* Xenon lights create 3 times more light than halogen bulbs.
* Xenon lights use 35 watts vs 55 watt halogen bulbs.
* Xenon lights last 10x longer.

How do they do it? Simple, HID bulbs are simply designed using a different technology to produce the light. Instead of a fine piece of wire filament, the light comes from a glass chamber of gas with no filament. Thus, road bumps and shock cannot damage the lamp.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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