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I just got my Hids and will try to get them installed this week if it warms up. I talked to quite a few people and most agreed that the Kool Blue attracts alot of attention and the white just give you great light. I know that since they are not factory they are not Legal for road use so thats why I went with 4300's. I plan on setting it up on my clear fog lights first and then doing a test on my low beams as I install them. The plan is fogs first since I do alot of back roads in the swamps of Louisianna driving and then think about low and high beams if I feel they are needed. The great thing is the factory fogs and low beams are the same bulb so its easy to plug and play between the two. I will try to take some before and after pictures to see how they perform.

LOts of dealers have em and a few are really cheap like the guy on ebay who keeps forgetting to ship them from the comments I read. I love the small size of the digital power pack from Mobil HID. Lots of places that it will fit and you wont even know its there, expecially since the bumper cover will be off as I put the lights and new grill in.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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