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Does the stock suspension settle markedly?

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Tonight, I was at the local Scikotics club for a meeting and compared by 2009 to the other 2009 that is a member.

Mine has 9,500 miles, while his has 2,500 miles.
I kept thinking mine looked noticeably lower than his.
I measured and mine is 2-3 inches LOWER!
Both have original suspension (same springs and shocks installed at the factory, same markings et all).

The only notable differences are:
His is manual, mine is an automatic.
His has 2,500 miles, mine has 9,500 miles.
His is a month or 2 old, mine is 4 and a half.

None of that SHOULD explain that much of a drop in the stock suspension.
That is unless the springs are softer than I realized . . .
That is A LOT of "settling" in 7,000 miles.
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Did you guys have the same exact tires and wheels?
Also I thought yours was a 2008?
Mine is an 09, so is his.

The same stock steelies and the same tire SIZE (205/55/16).
His has Goodyears, while mine has Rikens (Michelin "private" brand).

(Oh, I thought mine has 225/50/16's but I hadn't bothered to actually READ the sidewalls . . . they ARE 205/55/16s. DOH!)

That shouldn't account for that much of a drop . . .
I think this is just WEIRD for 2 stock suspensions to be that different with only a 7,000 mile difference. 1/2 inch or the like would be fine, but 2-3 inches? I find that hard to believe,

The reason I care . . .
I am interested in Hotchkis springs, which lowers about 1.75-2 inches. What I need to know is whether that is from HIS height or mine.
What is the tire to lip distance for stock and for the Hotchkis?
I'll measure mine tomorrow and find out what it is presently.
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Its definatly an interesting phenomenon. At the show the other night I meet the owner of RS5 #7. They parked next to me. His looked to sit lower then mine, but he had smaller wheels and still had the factory body kit on. Although he definatly lacked the rear rake that these cars have. I didn't think to mesaure just figured he had it dropped or it just looked that way. He also had a automatic while I have a five speed, but I had 1k more miles on mine then he did.
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