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Anyone notice that the door gasket that is located around the frame of the door opening is wearing out or has a hole in it from being hit by either getting in or out of the car. I've noticed it on several cars that I've owned. My xB had several "wear spots" on it. The cost of a new gasket is crazy and will do the same thing because it is not sturdy enough to hold up to constant contact. I found a fix that is A LOT cheaper!
If you go to the local home store, you'll find rubber electrical tape. It is not the typical vinyl tape but heavier rubber tape with a backing on it. Also, go over and get some adhesive made by 3M made for trim installation. Cut the tape to length, apply adhesive to the gasket area affected, put the tape on it and let it dry. and done. The fix that I've put on is still holding up after several years. Total cost? Less that $15.00!
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