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Downloadable Wheel Weight chart

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I came across this looking for wheel weights and found it useful:

I downloaded the "alpha" chart and have referenced it many times.
(The Rotas I want are on page 40.)
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Wow.. awesome find, Taranjack. Thanks for posting.
Thanks TartanJack!
awsome page. I will look into it soon but if you have time can you link me to TSW wheels?

What else do you need?

(Oh, I do research as a profession.)
thanks tartan but thats not what I ment. I am trying to catch up on all the unread threads here. (4pages). I ment can you link me up to the page on that site you posted as to the list of wheel weights for tsw wheels?
The lists are downloads.
The "Alpha" list is alphabetical.

The TSWs are on page 51.
Thanks TJack. They didn't have the wheels I plan on buying, but other wheels in the size near what I want weighed in at 25-30 pounds. Not too bad for a 18" wheel.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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