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Agreed. I don't use it much, but it does provide some decent engine braking. Actually i usually drive in "D", but shift to neutral when I know I'm going to have to stop. Love seeing the MPG meter peg a 90 MPG! It's part of how I squeeze 26 to 27 average MPG out of the XB. one with the xB, Grasshopper....


toker4two0 said:
superwhite08 said:
I've tried it a couple times and I don't get it. If I wanted to shift I'd buy a manual.
The only practical use I can think of is to use it to force a downshift but if you just mash the skinny pedal it should downshift anyway.
It's a gimmick.
Absolutely, most definitely NOT a gimmick!

I live in the Cascade mountain range in Oregon. 4 days a week this Scion is driven off the mountain to the valley floor, and then back up again at night time.

If you ever drive this car on a winding and hilly road then you will immediately see the benefits of this "S" shifter.

And it's important to use it too. You don't want to be going up a steep hill with your RPMs under 2k. Drop the gear and drive up it in a range that your engine will appreciate.

And what about when you're going downhill on a winding road with some ice on it. Downshifting to get some reverse torque (or whatever you call it) on the wheels - instead of using your brakes the whole way down, will provide much more control and stability going downhill with snow or ice.

I've also taken it on some of the mountain fire roads around my house, and these dirt gravel roads that are steep as hell beg me to shift it down to 2 or even 1 sometimes.

Not in any way shape or form is this type of tranny a gimmick.
You just need to be in a situation where it benefits you.
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