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Following the origional thread (, I'd like share my experience with an eBay header. I purchased mine for my supercharger project knowing that it was a gamble (I just wanted some extra clearance). I lost.

1. The header came without the listed gasket or nuts and bolts.
2. The S-pipe flange isn't threaded. This isn't a huge deal, just a quality fail; normally you can use the provided nuts with the stock bolts (if they provide them; they didn't in my case)
3. The welding is scary. In the original thread, the flange side of the tubes was welded, and though sloppy, everything seemed sealed.
4. The splitter (flap) at the bottom was bent so that one side was almost closed. I was able to bend it back with some effort to the almost centered position you see in the pics below.
5. The flange itself wasn't exactly laser cut; apparently they gave a rusty hacksaw to a small child and told them to have at it.
6. The flange was severely warped. half was straight (two pipes on the driver's side) and the other side bent almost a full 2mm at the edge. You can put it flange down on a flat surface and rock it back and forth...
7. The output pipe wasn't even close to round.
8. This is minor, but it was shipped just like the first picture: banging around in the box.

Some sweet pics of this action:

Needless to say this is going to be returned ASAP.
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