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Well . . . I have bought enough from Ebay now to have my wife PISSED when she sees "paypal" on our credit card printout . . .

READ the description carefully, ask a lot of questions, and research what you are looking at. Also, see ANY purchase/win or even bid as a potential total loss. I've had several folks I bought from banned for scams not long after I won stuff from them- some I got the item and some I didn't. I lost money on those I didn't. The last one was some patches that MAY still show (though I am unable to leave feedback if I do- vendor is banned), costing me $8 worth is they don't. Another seller asked for a check AFTER BSing about what he said on the bid (intentional mislead in the wording for taking paypal)- He was banned shortly thereafter- I sent NO check and got NOTHING.
Also, I've had the run around from the SAME flag company under several seller names. The last time, I went ahead and requested a cancel shortly after they sent the confirmation w/ the name and person's name- they complied.

Overall, most experiences were GREAT and so were the sellers. Some have provided me with items for years- from the time I had only a few ratings and will buy some more stuff shortly (when have the extra cash again).

My "rule of thumb" . . .
- Be able to "lose" ANYTHING you bid on or "buy now."
- If MUST work or you seriously mess up something valuable, buy from a more reliable store.
- Be prepared for the occasional disappointment and "screw over" as they WILL happen.
- Read the DESCRIPTION carefully- look for anything odd and make SURE it says what you THINK it says.
- READ feedback carefully, esp. if in ANY doubt. I have turned back on some stuff I REALLY wanted as the comments felt suspicious.
1 - 1 of 28 Posts
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