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Ebay Strut Bar?

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What do you guys and girls think? a bar is a bar right. At least when I was Modding WRX's they all worked the same just some were more expensive.
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Its your choice but personally I don't like strut bars that are bolted together. I like ones that are solid bars. Less points to pivot.
As a personal rule, I never buy parts off Ebay that I havent herd of. Normally you get what you pay for so for $50....
What I'm saying is that the $30 strut bar I had on my STi was just as good as the $200 Cusco that my friend had. and for a few bucks more I could get a sticker that said Cusco...
I can understand bying cheaper brands if they are the same style. However the one you posted up and the one from TRD are completely different styles. And in general the style made by TRD is a much better design.
Okay I hear yeah, I'll leave it be...
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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