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Engine Problems?

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Has anyone experienced any problems w/ the engines in their 2nd Gen xBs? I found some info from a Toyota Tech:

have replaced 2 08 xb complete engines in the last 2 months with the same problem with less then 5k on both, it is a problem with the counter balancer assy. the bearing material is failing and seizing to the counter balancer shafts most likely due to toyota getting the bearings made form a diffrent supplier then the previous 2az-fe the reason their sending complete engines is because their getting them straight from japan with the old manufactured bearings. also i have never had a internal engine issue with the 2az-fe in the camry i dont know if only the xb was getting the new bearings or what. at the present time their are no tsb's or recalls (i actually checked yesterday) but i wouldnt be suprised if their is one shortly
from what i have seen and what the toyta rep has told us about this problem is that the bearing themselfs are not true, a manufacture defect where one side of the the bearing has a closer tolerence and the outher to great, witch can cause poor lubrication so its kind of both form what i understand. the bearing seize to the bal shafts then spin in their journals eventually falling out into the solid jounal struture that kind of has a little pocket pocket in the bottom of it. this just destroys the upper and lower journal , but the upper is part of the no.2 oil pan so basiclly the whole bottom end of the engine case would have to be replaced plus the balancer assy then u have the issue of (on the last on i did) huge metal flakes through out the entire engine and potentially have caused or will cause outher failuers later. also the bal shafts are matched to the bearings and the case due to variences in the block so replcement of the shafts are very time consuming and difficult. and i belive possibly that manufacter of those bearings also produced all the bearings in the engine but for some reason the bal shaft bearing are more prone to the failure then outhers i think thats y toyota are sending complete engines from japan.
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Nice. I think someone at is getting a new engine because of symptoms you quote.
Do you know what the exact symptoms are that they're experiencing? How did they know they were having this problem?
This exact problem is one that I have posted on a couple of scion boards. You can read more about it there. I can repost it here if needed.

Don, Thanks for posting... I saw one of those other threads, but didn't put it together... Anyhow, I would appreciate knowing more about the sound that you heard prior to taking yours in, and whether it's a 5speed or automatic.

My xB is going in on Saturday for some noises I've been hearing for a week or so. When I come to a stop in Drive, I can hear what sounds like a rough idle. It goes away when I put it in neutral or park and it gets worse when I turn the A/C on. It's not always there when I first start the car, but once I start driving & come to a stop, it's there. It's not quite loud enough to ear over the engine, so I'm not sure if it's constant. Hopefully the dealership will take the time to listen for it & not give it a quick once over...
Not sure about what/which sounds you are hearing, so this may not be it. I had a noise from the hood/engine area at idle and it turned out to be the hood adjustment rubber bumpers needed to be raised up. There are 4 rubber adjusters, 2 under the front of the hood and 2 along the sides of the hood. I raised the 2 on the sides of the hood slightly(not much adjustment) and the noise went away. Someone on line mention this is what they did to get rid of the noise they were hearing. With the engine in gear the engine slows down and will vibrate more, so whatever isn't tight will rattle.

I just went out and raised the bumpers up as far as they'd go w/out being completely loose & falling off... no change. :(
Eric, let us know what you find out. From what I have noticed while looking under the hood is the hood prop rod bracket looks like it could vibrate (up and down) and the rubber windshield washer hoses on the back of the hood might vibrate against the backside of the hood causing a slight noise.

Unless the dealer can hear the noise that you are talking about they won't do much. After adjusting my hood stops up, I could feel that the hood release (the thing you pull on the inside to release the hood) had a little more resistance when pulled. Sorry it didn't work for you.
Apparently the loudspeaker for my viper alarm became loose. That was all :p
I figured that it was just something that was loose, with a 4 cyc. engine and the 35 psi front tire pressure the Xb will develope some rattles. Hope you/they used some thread locker to keep it from happening again.

Glad it wasn't something serious!
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