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Now I think everyone knows I'm serious :) 181 miles on the odometer:D
I'm painting the motor and I'm going to smooth out and port match the cylinders. Top: as you can see the valve cover is going to be this anodized green and I'm going to airbrush some money on fire cause I think I'm just burning it. The head will stay aluminum, the bottom end will be grabber green. The header I'm going to leave stock but paint copper I hope(if I can find the color I want). Trans is getting LSD and a lightend flywheel and performance clutch. The intake will be color changing silver and green. I'm contrasting the engine to the body color as the car will be House of Kolors Blue. I'm not going to say which blue yet. The firewall will be plasma cut diamond plate so you can see the reflection of the intake. I'll have more pics soon.

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