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Extra 12v

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Really wish there was more than just one 12v plug outlet in the box. Can figure out a place to mount a set of three. is it possible to mount it in line with the factory one under the shifter. I have a manual and it looks like there might be enough room.

Side note any way to make it so it doesn't run from the ignition just straight battery
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Many people also run power through the large rubber grommet in the firewall above the brake pedal.

Someone on here (I don't remember exactly who) ran a power wire and installed a whole extra fuse block. That way they could easily tap into it several times, everything was fused, and I think it would look more oem like you want.

I found the post:
Sounds like a great opportunity to accidentally run down the battery. I suggest keeping it ignition key switched (accessory).
I agree that you should be cautious about what gets hooked up directly to the battery. Some things though you want to work without the key like an interior cargo light or a glove-compartment light. My HD radio tuner, for example, requires a constant power source or it will lose the station presets everytime you turn off the car.

It might be useful to have 2 small fuse blocks. One constant on and one switched.
1 - 2 of 11 Posts
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