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Extra 12v

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Really wish there was more than just one 12v plug outlet in the box. Can figure out a place to mount a set of three. is it possible to mount it in line with the factory one under the shifter. I have a manual and it looks like there might be enough room.

Side note any way to make it so it doesn't run from the ignition just straight battery
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Putting more 12v sources in the shifter console is no problem,there is plenty of room. After removing the console surround cover (already posted on this forum), you'll see where you might want to locate these outlets.The only thing is, what are you going to power and how many amps does it draw.The wires in the existing wire harness are not big enough to handle a lot of amps,so heavier ones would have to be run with an inline fuse of the right size installed at the battery,of course.
1 - 1 of 11 Posts
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