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Extra 12v

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Really wish there was more than just one 12v plug outlet in the box. Can figure out a place to mount a set of three. is it possible to mount it in line with the factory one under the shifter. I have a manual and it looks like there might be enough room.

Side note any way to make it so it doesn't run from the ignition just straight battery
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any suggestions on how to do this. would want to go through the firewall and have it look clean. prefer to have it look as factory as possible
I powered my subwoofer amp by running a power wire from the battery (with a fuse of course) into the left front fender then into the driver's door pillar. Near the door hinges is a rubber plug. I removed the plug, cut a hole in the bottom of the plug, then reinstalled the plug and ran my power wire thru it to the amp.

I didn't even have to pull the fender liner, I simply reached in from the engine compartment. There are already a number of loops and anchor points along the way to secure the wire.
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